Professional Learning Opportunities for MECHS Employees

Why is Professional Learning important?
Professional learning is now tied to one's certificate renewal in the state of Georgia. Every employee is required to have a Professional Learning Plan or a Professional Learning Goal, and each employee must make acceptable progress toward these goals/plans through active participation in professional learning. 

For more information on Professional Learning Goals, see the links below.
FY18 Goal Statements Template.pdf
FY18 Leader Goal Statements Template.pdf
FY18- PL Rubric.docx.pdf

For more information on Professional Learning Plans, see the links below.
PLP Flowchart.pdf
Induction Certification Flowchart.pdf

Turn in your documentation for professional learning here:
Professional Learning Documentation (Requires MEC Login)

GLISI - MECHS has designated a team of leaders to attend GLISI training in 2017-2018.  This team will work on disaggregating data and a root cause analysis process in order to further establish the MECHS progress points, increase graduation, and raise CCRPI scores.  GLISI has proven to enhance school improvement and effectiveness.  MECHS is excited to send their 4th group this year.

Edivate - Edivate, previously PD360, requires your login provided upon hiring.  Edivate houses our new teacher induction video as well as other online Professional Development opportunities.  Employees at MECHS are free to log on when working at their site to further their professional skills.  This is also a great tool to enhance one's PLP or PLG. 

Professional Learning Communitiesa group of educators that meet regularly, share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve teaching skills and the academic performance of students.

For more information on certificate renewals, please visit the Personnel Department webpage.