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The Mountain Education would like to make the community aware of a valuable resource. We are an individualized, self-paced, accredited evening high school for students who have not completed high school. All coursework is based on mastery learning and is facilitated by accredited teachers. Students have a choice of attending one of our eighteen campuses located in Banks, Bartow, Chattooga, Cherokee, Dawson, Elbert, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer, Habersham, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Rabun, Stephens, Union, and White Counties.  The following "FAQ" is meant to provide you with helpful information so you will decide to enroll today! If you need further information please call (706) 219-4664.

Is the Mountain Education a "real" High School?

Yes.  Mountain Education has been around since 1993. We are accredited just like any other high school. Mountain Education was founded to help decrease Georgia's drop out rate by offering students an option other than traditional day high schools. The main difference is Mountain Ed holds classes at night rather than during the day. We are open from 4:00 to 8:00 PM Mondays through Thursdays. There are no classes on Fridays.

What are some reasons students attend Mountain Education?

Students enroll at ME for many different reasons. Some students must work during the day or take care of families. Other students have quit high school in the past and decide to come back for their diploma. Students also enroll to make up classes they have failed at their local high school. Still others prefer a self-paced, individualized curriculum.

What are the ages of your students?

Most Mountain Education students are age 16 to 21. Students who are 15 may enroll under certain circumstances, and students over 21 may enroll if they are close to graduating and get permission from an administrator.

What does "self-paced, individualized curriculum" mean?

This means students can work on any class at any time. Our curriculum is a facilitated-blended learning model, and students can work at their own pace with the support of a teacher. There are no traditional lecture classes. Courses cannot be failed, and we stress mastery learning. Teachers oversee students and facilitate student learning and progress.

Who are the teachers at Mountain Education?

Our teachers are dedicated, State of Georgia certified professionals from local high schools in Georgia. Many work a full day at their respective high school, and work at Mountain Ed at night, and some are retired. Students frequently come to Mountain Ed and recognize our teachers from their own high schools.

Why would I get a high school diploma instead of a GED?

Students who plan to pursue continued education after graduation recognize the importance of a high school diploma over a GED. Not all students are in a position to attend a traditional day high school, but Mountain Education can provide the opportunity to achieve both goals. A student seeking to enter the military will find that most branches will not accept a GED. Mountain Education offers these young people an opportunity to obtain a traditional high school diploma.

Is Mountain Education a disciplinary school?

No, it is not. While some of our students have encountered challenges at their previous high school, students are not sent to us because of discipline problems. Students with discipline problems are only accepted on a case by case basis with approval from an administrator.

What classes are offered at Mountain Education?

Mountain Ed has many of the same classes offered at traditional day high schools. We offer all the classes that the state of Georgia requires for graduation. Please see our website for specifics.

Who are the administrators for the Mountain Education System?

There is a collaborative governing board made up of members from the counties that participate in Mountain Education.  This board meets once per month to make decisions about Mountain Ed and approve personnel. 

I have a very busy schedule. Will I have time to attend Mountain Education?

The time spent at Mountain Ed is up to the student. You may attend any time between 4:00pm and 8:00pm Monday - Thursdays at the campus.  To be considered full-time, you must attend 20 hours per week.

My child failed two classes at his high school. Can Mountain Education help?

Yes! For a reasonable fee, students can attend their day high school and come to Mountain Education at night to make up classes.

What happens if I keep failing a test at Mountain Education?

Mountain Education stresses subject mastery. If a student keeps failing a test, the course will be reviewed with the teacher until the student can pass the test. A tutor can be provided to assist the student, and the classroom teacher is always available to review materials for the test. Courses cannot be failed at Mountain Education.

My child loves playing on her high school basketball team. Can she still play if she attends Mountain Educaton?

Only students who attend both their own high school and Mountain Education can continue to play sports for their high school. Students who only attend Mountain Ed cannot.

Does Mountain Education have the same student services as other high schools?

We have many of the same student services as other high schools: special education, ESOL, counseling, graduation coaches, student clubs, career/college/tech workshops, dual enrollment, Georgia High School Graduation Test prep, and tutoring.

I know someone who needs a diploma but doesn't speak English very well.

Mountain Education offers ESOL for students under the age of 21 with a different first language, which helps them along the path to graduation.

Do students have to take all state mandated tests?

Yes. These are state requirements for graduation.

Can I do dual enrollment at vocational school/college?

Yes, Mountain Education participates in Georgia's Dual Enrollment program. Please talk to the Mountain Ed Career Specialist/Dual Enrollment Coordinator at your campus for details regarding specific requirements. You can also click here for more information. 

What about graduation?

Students graduate from Mountain Education as soon as they complete their graduation requirements. Mountain Education holds a graduation ceremony once per year for all students who have graduated that year.

How may students graduated from Mountain Education in 2022-2023?

In the 2022-2023 school year, MECHS had 506 graduates.

What do most students do after graduation?

The Mountain Education diploma opens the door to many opportunities. Mountain Education students find career success in a number of ways. Many of them pursue higher education by attending college, while others volunteer for military service. Some students go immediately in the the work force. We frequently hear from our graduates and are proud of their accomplishments.

Where is Mountain Education?

Mountain Education has sites in Banks, Bartow, Chattooga, Cherokee, Dawson, Elbert, Fannin, Forsyth, Gilmer, Habersham, Hall, Lumpkin, Murray, Pickens, Rabun, Stephens, Union, and White Counties. Mountain Ed does not offer bus service.

I want to enroll. What do I do next?

Stop by your nearest Mountain Education campus to register. Call (706) 219-4664 for directions to the Mountain Education campus nearest you. Click HERE for more information on enrollment procedures.