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Math Course Descriptions

Foundations of Algebra (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
Foundations of Algebra is a first year high school mathematics course option for students who have completed mathematics in grades 6 – 8 yet will need substantial support to bolster success in high school mathematics. The course is aimed at students who have reported low standardized test performance in prior grades and/or have demonstrated significant difficulties in previous mathematics classes. Foundations of Algebra will provide many opportunities to revisit and expand the understanding of foundational algebra concepts, will employ diagnostic means to offer focused interventions, and will incorporate varied instructional strategies to prepare students for required high school mathematics courses. The course will emphasize both algebra and numeracy in a variety of contexts including number sense, proportional reasoning, quantitative reasoning with functions, and solving equations and inequalities.

GSE Algebra I (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
This course covers such key concepts as variables, function patterns, graphs, operations with rational numbers, and properties of rational numbers. Students solve linear equations and inequalities, and study slope, and graphing linear functions. This course also covers exponents, polynomials, and factoring. It also helps students study quadratic equations and functions, radical expressions and equations, rational expressions and functions, and study counting methods.

GSE Geometry (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
Prerequisite: GSE Algebra I
This course addresses basic skills in geometry including reasoning, developing proofs, identifying geometric figures, and constructing figures. This course also teaches students about the properties of right triangles and trigonometric ratios, transformations of plane figures, and the parts of a circle and their properties. Additionally, students will develop and apply formulas for area, surface area, and volume of two- and three-dimensional figures.

GSE Algebra II (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
Prerequisite: GSE Geometry
In this course, students solve equations, inequalities, systems and problems using matrices, inverse matrices, matrix operations, and determinants. Students also learn about different functions and are introduced to the imaginary number i and find complex solutions to equations. This course also introduces exponential and logarithmic functions, conic sections, probability, statistics, sequences, and series.

Pre-Calculus (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
Prerequisite: GSE Algebra II
Pre-Calculus is a fourth mathematics course designed to prepare students for calculus and other college level mathematics courses.

Statistics (Curriculum: GradPoint™)
Prerequisite: GSE Algebra II
Statistical Reasoning is a fourth mathematics course option for students who have completed Algebra II, Advanced Algebra, Accelerated Geometry B/Algebra II, or Accelerated Analytic Geometry B/Advanced Algebra. The course provides experiences in statistics beyond the GSE sequence of courses, offering students opportunities to strengthen their understanding of the statistical method of inquiry and statistical simulations. Students will formulate statistical questions to be answered using data, will design and implement a plan to collect the appropriate data, will select appropriate graphical and numerical methods for data analysis, and will interpret their results to make connections with the initial question.

Mathematics of Personal Finance (Curriculum: Odysseyware®)
This course concentrates on the mathematics necessary to understand and make informed
decisions related to personal finance. The mathematics in this course will be based on many topics in prior courses; however, the specific applications will extend the student’s understanding of when and how to use these topics.

Technical College Readiness Math (Curriculum: Odysseyware®)
Technical College Readiness Mathematics is designed to meet the needs of students who have passed Algebra I/Coordinate Algebra, have passed or are concurrently enrolled in Geometry/Analytic Geometry while taking this course, and intend to enroll in a technical college program. The course is aimed at students who have experienced difficulty in passing middle school mathematics End of Grade (EOG) assessments, have struggled significantly in the first two high school core mathematics courses, and have scored less than 34 on the ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment. The ACCUPLACER Placement Assessment will serve as the course post-test. Technical College Readiness Mathematics will examine numeracy, algebra, and geometry in a variety of contexts, including number sense, linear and non-linear relationships, functions and their graphs, and measurement and geometry. The course will provide an opportunity for students to review mathematics skills needed for success in Technical College and will extend students’ understanding of mathematical concepts and skills by emphasizing topics from Foundations of Algebra, Coordinate Algebra/Algebra I, Analytic Geometry/Geometry, and Advanced Algebra/Algebra II.