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Staff Wellness

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George Counter

Staff Wellness 


Phone:  (706) 219-4664 Ext. 1112

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At MECHS we value the importance of healthy eating, consistent exercise, the effective management of stress, ongoing self care and self improvement practices.   Here You will find resources needed to reach your personal health goals.  Our wellness program consists of our MECHS Wellness Blog, Health and fitness videos, local health club discounts and special health events.  

The intent is to engage those willing in the thoughtful reflection of how we presently manage stress levels and to provide insight into how we can better care for our families, our loved ones, and ourselves. Please feel free to reach out to George with suggestions, thoughts, and concerns related to wellness. George serves as an advocate for staff members with regard to health and wellness.

Also in order to continue to develop our MECHS Wellness Program we have recently added two new Wellness Coaches, Sally Edwards and Dr. Josh Stroud.  Sally Edwards is a retired counselor, and teacher from Lumpkin County and is a certified Life Coach. Sally will be doing a 6 part online video lecture series entitled, "Creating Positive Change". Her presentations will be available on our MEC Wellness page as well as on our MEC Google Wellness Classroom.

Dr. Josh Stroud has earned a doctorate in Physical Therapy and Exercise from North Georgia College. Josh will be available part-time to present instructional articles and online videos about various subjects including proper posture, desk exercises, stretching and proper use of exercise equipment. His articles and instructions will appear on our MEC Wellness Page as well as in our MEC Google Wellness Classroom. 

Also, we are in the process of adding a part time massage therapist for each site and are negotiating contracts with local Fitness Centers, Hospital Wellness Programs and local recreation centers. This will take some time as we appreciate your patience. We would also like suggestions from you as to which centers you would like for us to try and negotiate with.

To enroll in our MEC Google Wellness Classroom:

1. Login into your MEC email.

2. Go to the waffle icon on the upper right.

3. Click on the CLASSROOM icon from the menu 

4. Click on the + sign to join a new class 

5. Use the code tvnojg1 to join.

6. Please comment and send ideas. 


Thank you and stay well.  

Wellness Videos

The Power of A Positive Mindset

Habits Part 1

The Importance of Social Connections

Strategies For Reducing Stress

Habits Part 2

The Power of the mind