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Chattooga Announcements

Student Handbook

Congratulations to our seniors who have completed all graduation requirements early!  We still have several more that are diligently working to meet their graduation goals!  MECHS is so proud you!

  • Gracie Colbert
  • Isabella Cooper
  • Shawn Eaton
  • Kynzie Crosby-Hudson
  • Caroline Gilreath
  • Sara Jo Haney
  • David Helton

Congratulations to the Chattooga site Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Amy Shattuck,   Thank you for all you do at MECHS!


For any students who may be interested in dual enrollment, please view the student/parent Dual Enrollment Brochure at

A Dual Enrollment advisor from GNTC will be here Tuesday, Jan. 25th at 6:45 to give a brief overview of the program and answer questions.

We also have hard copies of the brochure in the office.

If you are interested contact Missy Lanier.,

Missy Lanier

Dual Enrollment Advisor

Mountain Education Charter High School

Chattooga Site

302 Maple Drive Summerville, GA 30747


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Dear Parents and Caregivers:

We hope that all had a pleasant holiday break. As we approach the end of the holiday vacation period, we wanted to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on the status of our school as we prepare to return on January 3, 2022.

We have all noted the increase in COVID-19 cases and flu over the past month. The upwards trend is concerning and being monitored closely on a daily basis. Our goal has always been to keep our schools and programs open for in-person instruction. To accomplish this goal, we will need everyone’s cooperation.

If your child is experiencing any of the symptoms of COVID-19 it is important that you DO NOT send them to school. This simple step protects their vulnerable classmates, teachers, and other school staff. If in doubt, please keep them home.  if you suspect that your child may have been exposed or has received a positive COVID test, then please notify administration, Mr. Martin or Mr. Pickle, or the school registrar, Mrs. Aleshia Crowe.  MECHS administration will provide safety protocol and quarantine times per updated CDC guidelines.

We are committed to working with all of you to keep our students and staff safe.  We monitor the situation in our schools daily and will continue.  Our goal continues to be to maintain in-person instruction for as long as it is safe to do so.  

Mr. Mike Martin and Mr. Mark Pickle

MECHS Chattooga Site Administration


Congratulations to the following students for being our Attend to Achieve winners for the month of October!

Mark Shelton

McKinzi Stancil

Dakota Turner

Donovan Warren

Hudson Crosby

Jaiden Edgeman

Karlie Moon

Kenneth Singleton

FY 22 Registration
First page of the PDF file: FY22_MECHS_Re-Registration

Attention all MECHS students - it is time to re-register for the 2021-22 school year!  

Reminder: As upcoming EOC administration approaches (July 12-15), all students, including credit recovery students, must complete the course reviews for July EOCs. If you are scheduled to take an EOC in July, please plan to complete this review with your teacher this week prior to EOC administration. Remember the Chattooga MECHS site will be closed July 5-9, 2021. This is a MECHS mandate for course completion for all MECHS students, including credit recovery students, who plan to take EOCs during the July testing window.




We would like to congratulate Chris Tallent for being named the 2020-21 MECHS Teacher of the Year at the Chattooga Site, and Sandy Langston for being named the 2020-21 MECHS Staff Member of the Year at the Chattooga Site.  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students and staff!

Greenville Independent School District / Homepage

Spring Break dates are April 5-8.  Although the classes on-site will not be held during spring break dates, students may still continue to work virtually and access codes during the day from 10:00 a.m.- 2:00 p.m. from Virtual Learning Dispatch.  


(April 5-8, 2021)

The email address to request the day time password is:


Spanish Support

We will be offering Spanish Support thru the Spanish Support email next week-Monday through Thursday from 4:00-9:00.

Spanish teachers please email the Spanish students at your site today or tomorrow to let them know. SA-please check with your Spanish teacher to make sure this step is completed.

The support address is:

Starting on January 4, 2021, there will  be an additional opportunity for students to take post-tests in GradPoint during the day.  An MEC employee will be answering emails for testing password requests Monday-Thursday each week from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.  This testing password will only be valid during this time period and will be changed daily.  This password will also be different from the one available from 4:00-9:00 p.m.  The email address to request the day time password is:

Please visit for more information.

Thank you,

Mr. Mike Martin and Mr. Mark PIckle

MECHS Administrators

Chattooga Site

The Chattooga Site of MECHS will transition into Phase 1 of the Pandemic Response Plan, also known as a "Remote Hike," or virtual learning at home from January 12, 2021 through Jan 22, 2021.  The Chattooga Site staff will all be made available to students in a virtual manner.  Students are encouraged to continue their coursework at home and to contact their teachers and mentors if they need help.

feb 16.2021 Announcement.  Chattooga MECHS will hold classes tonight I n site will be available.  Please remember to log in and work tonight to enter the incentive drawing for air pods!