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Forsyth Announcements

Student Handbook

MECHS Forsyth is pleased to announce our April Student Achievers.

SOM William

Please join us in congratulating our Students of the Month:

Hailee Hoyt- Math

Osmael Oramas- Social Studies

William Brewington- Language Arts (pictured)

Alfredo Camacho- Science

Owen Thomas- CTAE


Also join us in congratulating our Attend to Achieve winners, Module Completers, and Course Completer:

Attend to Achieve

Module Completion

Course Completion

Face to face


Ellie Akins

Jeremy Brannan

Bradley Ivie

Alfredo Camacho

William Brewington


Robert Frank

Claire Campbell


Gavin Green

Gavin Green


Kelton Keown

Robert Kehres



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Three MECHS Forsyth Students were recently awarded the Rotary Club of Forsyth County Bagwell Scholarship Award  

Rotary Scholarship


The BAGWELL AWARD is given to Forsyth County High School graduating seniors who will be pursuing a post high school program of study at an in-state Georgia institution. The value of this award ranges from $2,500.00-$10,000.00

We are thrilled to announce that 3 MECHS Forsyth Students were recently awarded this scholarship at the April 28th Forsyth Rotary meeting.  The scholarship process included an application, essay, and an interview with Rotary representative, Mr. Mike Smith. Christopher Pass, Jada Bridgewaters, and Caitlyn Ivie were each awarded this prestigious scholarship award. 

Each Rotary scholarship recipient will sign the following pledge: “I pledge to continue to do my best in pursuing my post high school education, and during my lifetime, as I am financially able, will give back to help others achieve their educational goals.”

(Pictured L-R:  Chris Pass, Jada Bridgewaters, Mike Smith, & Caitlyn Ivie)                                                         


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We are excited to recognize our graduates for the new school year.

Congratulations to our graduates for the 2021-2022 school year! 

1.  Shreya Shah

New Graduate Shreya

2.  Lannah Mae Johnson

New Grad Lannah Mae

3.  Daniel Claramunt

New Graduate Daniel

4. Ali Hassan

New Grad Ali

5. Julian Johnson

New Grad Julian

6. Marshall Mazzolini

New Grad Marshall

7.  (not pictured)


8.  Mackenzie French

Graduate Mackenzie

9.  Autumn Kennedy

New Grad 9

10.  Jada Bridgewater

Jada Bridgewaters

11.  Holton Payne (not pictured)


12.  Reese Duggan

New Grad Reese

13.  Allyson Lewis

New Grad Allyson

14.  Talia Gennuso

New Grad Talia

15.  Andrea Santiago

New Grad Andrea

16. Elton Ramos

New Grad Elton Ramos

17. Ricardo Perez

Grad 17 Ricardo

18.  Braeden Lisio


19. Savannah Newcomb

New Grad Savannah

20.  Shelby Love

New Graduate Shelby

21.  (not pictured)


22.  Conner Smith

New Grad Conner

23.  (not pictured)


24.  Faith Hintz

New Grad Faith

25.  Victoria Masters


26. Skye Robinson

New Grad Skye

27.  Cooper Farris


28.  Owen Thomas


29.  Carl Treasure Naefe

Carl Treasure Naefe

30. William Fletcher Woodley

New Grad William

31.  Luis Perez

Grad 30

32.  Kristina Velasquez

New Grad Kristina

33.  (not pictured)


34.  Melissa Nalley

New Grad 34

35.  Ricardo Federico

Grad 35

36.  Rebeca Hernandez-Manzano


37.  Luke Beck


38.  Hayes Stanley

Grad 38


39.  Bradley Ivie

Grad 39

40.  Leah Fountain

Grad 40

41.  Erich Dugan

Grad 41

42.  Brooke Seabolt


43.  Ryan Austin


44.  Lexmarie Lagares Sanchez

Grad 44

45.  Alana Tyson

Grad 45


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In addition to our March Students of the Month, several students were recently recognized for their March accomplishments during dinner on March 29th. 

Congratulations to the following students:

A2A Caleb

TT Robert
Attend to Achieve Module Completion Winners Course Completion Winners
Kaci Muenchow  Tyler Bennett  Tyler Bennett 
Caleb Shoemake (pictured above-top photo) Lesley DeBord  Juliana Dacosta 
Virtual Laci Lafferty  Robert Kehres (pictured above)
Dillon Phillips  Bradley Ivie   
Jessica Romero-Lopez     
Thriving Threads     
Robert Field - American Lit    
Zeenat Hossain - Algebra I    
Sarah Blomquist - US History    
Robert Kehres - US History    
Kristina Velasquez - US History
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Congratulate our 2019-2020 Graduates!

MECHS Graduates