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The First Choice for a Second Chance

Student Assistance Services Available!


Legacy SAP is offering 6 counseling sessions for Mountain Education Students for $10 a year!!!! 
Students of Mountain Education have the opportunity to receive short term counseling services as part of the Student Assistance Program (SAP).  Sessions are offered in person or virtually.

To find out more click the link below:

Student Assistance Program Information



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MECHS Covid-19 Response and Actions Steps Moving Forward

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Latest At White

#1 Site for 2022, White Campus,  MECHS.

For the second time, the White Campus has received the honor of being the #1 site out of the 18 campus locations in the Mountain Education Charter High School System.  Congratulations to all the students, parents, faculty, and staff who made this possible!  

White Site Contact Information

Campus Principals:

Jake Cantrell - (706) 878-9397

Neal Young - (706) 969-1370

Registrar: Rena Shuler - (706) 969-5177

Office Phone: (706) 348-4599   Office Fax: (706) 348-4498

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