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Staff Directory









Wayne Lovell    Superintendent

Larry Shook   Associate Superintendent

Aundrea Wilson   Assistant Superintendent

Tracy Sanford    Assistant Superintendent

Greg Williams   East Regional Director

Harold Culbreath    West Regional Director

Stephen Bartlett   Central Regional Director/Strategic Planning

Beverly Lammers   Administrative Assistant

Debbie Sperin    Administrative Assistant



Jennifer Glover   Director of Teaching and Learning

Judith Waldroup    System Testing Coordinator

Sherenna Vandiver  CTAE Director


Federal Programs

Victoria Stroud    Federal Programs Director

Martha Kent    Director of Intervention

Sherenna Vandiver    English Learner Coordinator

Elisabeth Shaw    Professional Learning Coordinator



Jacob Autry    Finance Director

Mandie Parker    Staff Accountant

Becky Allison    Payroll Coordinator

Robin Shook    Administrative Assistant

Sydney Sanford    Administrative Assistant



Lauren Anderson   Personnel Director

Kristin Jarrard   Administrative Assistant for Human Resources

Laura Corley   Administrative Assistant for Employee Benefits

George Counter    Wellness Coach


Public Relations

Sherenna Vandiver   Public Relations Coordinator


School Performance

Joe Cash Director of School Performance


Special Education

Kristy Adams   Special Education Director


Student Services

Paige Swartz   Director of Student Engagement and Retention

Pamela Smith    Director of Prevention and Intervention Services

Carol Reid    Administrative Assistant

Kaila Steele    Data Specialist

Miranda Totherow    Graduation Specialist/ Hospital Homebound/Second Chance Coordinator



Brad Barnes   Technology Director

Aaron Holland    Instructional Technology Coordinator

Bob Williams    Database Specialist

Lena Dowdy    Instructional Technology Specialist

Taylor Freeman    Instructional Technology Specialist


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